Thursday, March 01, 2007

day 5

"day 5"
paper and found objects collage on cardboard
gregory a. milinovich

blah blah blah blah...garbage...blah blah blah...cigarettes...blah blah blah...environment...blah blah blah...intertwined...blah blah blah...gummy candy from sweden...blah blah


Emoly said...

I'm going to take a different route here and say this, "ew, you picked up someone else's cigarette butt to use in your collage?"

Ew! But that's just my opinion.

greg. said...

how do you know it was 'someone else's" cigarette butt?


mary said...

Now finally one down on my level. im sorry, i wanted so badly to contribute earlier but lets be honest...compared to all the postmodern tick talk i was just feeling quite elementary. thanks for reaching the masses with this blog :) Greg...take it from me...what you are doing is art. and not just because it is cool and i like it...but because if something is making you think this much about it and how God is mixed in with it all AND it makes you happy and brings peace and enjoyment along with everyone that looks at it?...then yeah..stop worrying...its art, and its working.


Crafty P said...

he he he, that makes me laugh!

greg. said...


thanks for the encouragement, but you need to understand that i'm not exactly 'worrying' as you say. i am just wrestling. that is what i do, you know. i'm a wrestler. i have always been one that just can't accept something as is. i have come to see myself as a kind of jacob wrestling with the angel, holding on, all night long, until i get what i am looking for: a name. in this case i am looking for the angel to name my work. will the angel name it 'necessary?' or superfluous? or a distraction? or enough? or worthwhile?

and so, i am wrestling much more than worrying. part of my wrestling involves others' input, and so i have been trying to have this conversation that you might all help be the voice of the angel for me. sorry if the conversation has been too much 'postmodern tick tock' for you, but i feel like you have some significant input to offer me here. so, thank you for your voice, the voice of an angel, and please don't stop contributing. i need it.