Tuesday, March 13, 2007

as blind men

"as blind men"
paper collage and acrylic on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

this is the other collage i made this weekend utilizing some of the new techniques i've been learning. this one involves a paper ripping technique, as well as a process involving packing tape to create the effect along the left-hand side where you can see music over all the rest of the image. i also used a couple types of acrylic paint.

here is what i've been listening to lately:

tobymac - portable sounds

switchfoot - oh! gravity

willie nelson - songbird

denison witmer - are you a dreamer?

that's all for today. as jack is saying now: peace out.



cathyQ said...

I for one and loving the new techniques. They seem more like paintings than collages on the compuer screen. I wonder if they have more of a collagey (sp) appearance in person?

The title is also intriguing. I am teaching Oedipus Rex right now and we are discussing the "blind seer" Tiresias. His oxymoric name fascinates me and the students and I have been discussing the ramifications of a man being able to see with his eyes versus and man being able to see reality with his soul, mind, or spirit. Oedipus, with healthy eyes, cannot see the truth; Tiresias, blind since birth, sees the truth very clearly. When Oedipus finally sees himself for what he is and what he has done, he blinds himself. It reminds me of John 9:25! Perhaps we are all "as blind men" without God. Just a thought.

greg. said...

hey mom. glad you like the new techniques. they are definately still collages, but they have a whole different kind of layer to them which i think really deepens them visually. if nothing else, i'm having a blast with them.

i like the oedipus connection. it is interesting what we can see when we stop using our eyes! it makes me think about how our greatest weaknesses are often our strengths, and vice versa. when we are so able to rely on our physical eyesight, we fail to see the need (no pun intended) to 'look' with more than just our eyes.

i have found the same to be so true in my faith: when i am broken enough to stop trusting in greg, i am way more open to experiencing the power, peace and presence of God.

thanks for the comment! i was beginning to think no one was even looking any more!


Crafty P said...

this reminds me a bit of a non-adhesive collage class I took awhile back. Not b/c it's non-adhesive, but just something about it sparked that memory.

I remember after taking that class, I sent you all the directions and stuff for how to do it. It involved watercolor pencils and stuff. very cool. one day, I'll get back to that!

in other news- i dug out a burlap to cashmere cd the other day b/c i thought the kids would love the sound (they do and dance they crazy monkeys to it). do you remember them? I can't even recall how I found this cd and where I may have heard them, but it still sounds good to my ears.

i miss agentorange cds. you know, for those of us without ipods.

ps. i still look, but don't always touch (the keyboard).

Mary said...

is that wierd al?

Emoly said...

Greg, are you taking classes? Where are you learning these new techniques? That's pretty cool, that you are still "honing" your technique and learning new ways to collage.

greg. said...

no, emily, i'm not taking a class, but i got a book from my parents for my birthday that does a great job of explaining some of these techniques, so that is what i am using. i am considering taking a class at a local art studio, though. that could be fun...

greg. said...

no mary, its not weird al. its a picture from the 60's. actually the head is from a 1960's era national goegraphic, and the body is from a 1940's era life magazine.

fun to cut and paste!

amanda wardle said...

Question: Okay, so are you making these collages on the computer or by hand? If by hand, what kind of adhesive or glue or other material to place the "stuff" (for lack) on? Just curious. I worked on a collage last week and just painted clear tacky glue on the clippings, and that seemed to work pretty well, but I'm wondering if there is a better way.

amanda wardle said...

Okay, I see that you've specified paper on cardboard, so ignore my first question!

greg. said...

hey amanda. for the past several years i've been using mod-podge as my adhesive. however, after recently reading a little bit about proper collage technique and how the collages will best stand up to the aging process, i have found that what works better is something called gel medium, which you can find in the art aisle of most craft stores, near the acrylic paints. its basically the stuff that holds acrylic paint together, minus the pigment. you can get it in various strenths/consistencies, such as heavy or medium or light. for paper i think medium is your best bet. if you are going to make an assemblage with heavier objects i would go to heavy. you also can choose between matte and gloss. for the last few collages that you have looked at here on the blog, i've been using a brand called Golden. i just brush it on to the object i'm about to glue, and then glue it down. i often then use a brayer to get out whatever air bubbles might be there, and to try to reduce wrinkling. that's the good thing about gel medium, too, versus mod-podge or other glues: it doesn't cause as much wrinkling because it doesn't seem to be as wet.

i hope that answers your questions. oh, one more thing. when you are finished with the collage, you can brush a layer of the gel medium over the entire collage, which will preserve it for much longer.


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