Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what's in a name?

what to name a baby human? it is an incredible responsibility, and one i don't take lightly. so, as the baby is still (supposedly) 10 weeks away, this is our list of possible names:

isaac harrison
denison charles
brennan hudson
oliver tatum
so what do you think? any favorites?


mego said...

I really like Charles - probably my favorite - sounds good with Jack/Jackson....
I also like Theoden/Theodore and Isaac, Brennan - more that I can't remember now that I clicked on comment.

mary said...

I really like Harrison and Oliver. i have to look at the list some more but those are the two that i like the best.

greg. said...

hey mary - welcome back to the internet. you can usually access it by clicking on the little blue "e" on your desktop.

anyway, thank you both for your postive votes rather than bashing one of the names on our list. that is very nice and considerate.

my favorite name, jesus, not pronounced hay-zoose but actually pronounced gee-sus, was eliminated from the list by shannon.

ps. mary, i'm glad you are alive.

pete said...

I would like to recommend against Winston. As a person who grew up with a name that brought to mind a particular vice (Sherry = alcoholism; which is ironic, as I come from a long line of alcoholics), I'd just say it's added pressure that is totally unneccessary. I do think, though, that Harper is a great name (To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the greatest American novels ever written), and it's hard to go wrong with names of saints (ambrose, theodore) or Bible characters.

I also like Hudson, but perhaps mainly because Eliot's favorite movie of late is Cars.

cathyQ said...

I will not comment on any of your choices for obvious reasons; however, don't take the process too seriously. After all, Shakespeare said "What's in a name?" Just don't name him Sue and I think it will be fine. I haven't liked my name all that much and yet i have managed to maintain a somewhat normal existence and find success in life. The work of art is God's after all, what we name him or her seems to be of little importance in the overall scheme of things. So just choose one that you and Shannon like and go for it. As for other's opinions: you know you will never please everyone anyway.You know that as soon as we see that sweet baby's face we will love him beyond measure whatever you choose to name him.

Erin said...

i vote for isaac. i think it sounds good with your last name. plus, "jack and isaac" also sounds good and you'll be saying that a million times for the rest of your life...

Emoly said...

I like Isaac and Harper. I agree with Shannon, thank you for her voice of reason, eliminating Jesus as a name, not as our Savior! :)

Emoly said...

And Bill would like to suggest Francis. (it's a little known fact that it is his middle name, after the saint)

Julie said...

I would say my top three are Isaac, Tobias, and Samuel. Choosing a name is definitely a daunting task!

greg. said...

okay. add francis to the list. we could call him francie for short. and he would go on to do ballet. or iceskating. or cake decorating.

sorry, bill. it's a no-go.


greg. said...

to mom (and others):

i absolutely agree that the name will, in a sense, choose itself. that's how we arrived at jackson. we came up with a kind of "short list" of names we agreed on, and then, once he was born, we just both felt like that was the name that fit him.

this process will likely go much the same. and i just wanted everyone to look at the list and feel like they had some input into the process. the truth is that we will absolutely and completely ignore anything and everything all of you have said, instead opting to choose the names that look and sound and mean right to us. but, just to give you the illusion of having valuable input, please continue to comment on your favorites. so far it looks like popular opinion has our little fetus being an isaac. ike for short.

i like ike.


Emoly said...

That is exactly why I asked for a list, I knew that what we suggested would have no final say, but it's fun. And last time I talked to Shannon, your list was pretty long. You never know, you might have an epiphany while listening to us give you name suggestions! :)

Dan said...

Greg, I would have to say I am a little partial to Brennan. But whatever name you chose will be just perfect.

greg. said...

well, i guess i shut everybody up. sorry about that. i just didn't want you to think that you had more power than you really do. well, any power at all actually.

anyway, a warm welcome to dan brennan, my cousin-in-law(?)who put his two cents in. good to have you, dan. clearly, the only reason brennan is on our list is because we wanted to name our son after the billiards champ of western pa. we briefly considered naming him dan brennan milinovich, but we thought that might be a bit obvious. we are ALL about discrete. anyway, welcome...

Crafty P said...

ahhh choosing names. (how in the world did i forget to put my two cents in on this post?)

i digress..

lucky for us, we get to choose two this time. I love that our choices are not on your list!

such a cool list- how many did you add and how many did shannon add, I wonder?

not that it matters much at all, but I have a certain place in my heart for samuel. jack and sam sound good together. i'm also one that likes to put all the family names together and see how they sound as a unit. weird? nah, not really.

oliver is also good. not too many of those around and I'm all for a traditional name without being too widely overused. Your list does a good job at this, well, not all traditional, but lots not so widely used.

as you can see I'm rambling, so I'll be quiet now and let the name choosing game continue in your little minds.

I will say one last thing though, our boy's names just 'came to me', it was as though there was no other name for that child and they often come early on in my pregnancy. I love that. And they usually come to me as I'm drifing off to sleep or at church- not sure how those two coorelate, but that's how it happens.


ps. also like griffin... a lot. reminds me of a favorite book series I own. hmmmm

Taryn said...


Bill said...
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Bill said...

I would like to defend my middle name, Francis. Lots of people happen to be named Francis...just most of them women. What was I saying? Oh yeah, Francis is a horrible name, don't name your kid Francis. BUT, Oliver Harrison Milinovich? C'mon he's sure to be a president with a name like that...or a serial killer. Back to the drawing board!