Monday, February 19, 2007


this is a collage i made back in september. it was, for me, just a commentary on the insanity of some photographers, particularly those lovely sort that shoot pictures of celebrities. it is called "shot."


Taryn said...

i love it.

ps. shannon was totally right about the couch game. the objective of the game is to get those of your same sex on the couch. not only is that the actual way to play but it's the logical way too because the couch is the more desirable place to be. shannon asked me to share that with you ;)

greg. said...

umm, taryn, i think you are forgetting something here. i am the ultimate rule changer, and if the couch were, say, just 4 chairs in a line, then in might not be so exciting to sit on it, and you might want to get your gender OFF the couce. i'm not saying we always played it that way. i'm just saying that i've changed the rules enough that i'm pretty sure we DID play it that way.
i'm sorry that you have become the mouthpiece of shannon, playing this partisan game of politics, siding with her no matter what. :)


Emoly said...

Hey Taryn, When are you going to e-mail me? You promised you would! :) btw, I still have your old e-mail, otherwise I would have harassed you that way instead of via Greg's blog!