Sunday, February 04, 2007

out of the blogosphere

hey all - i just wanted to let you know that i'll be out for a few days. i've been on a retreat this weekend, and i'm headed to san diego later today for a conference. i won't be back until sometime on wednesday, so i wouldn't expect to post until probably thursday. i'll see you then!



Crafty P said...


i heart san diego.

give a shout out to all my fam out there, will ya?

isn't that a cool airport to fly into? you feel like you're going to chop off the top of a building or something like that.

greg. said...

san diego is incredible. warm. and oceany. had mexican for dinner at this cool little restaurant. we aren't actually in san diego. we are staying in carlsbad, about 25 miles north of san diego. the conference is at the northcoast church in vista, CA.

i put my fingers in the pacific ocean for the first time today. and i looked west over the water. i saw dolphins jumping.

this life is amazing to me.


Crafty P said...

oh my goodness. Carlsbad???? you must go and eat an IN & OUT burger for me.

I heart In & Out more than I heart San Diego.


what was that about dolphins and life being amazing????

think fresh delish burger! nothing at ALL like a K-boy. ;)

Julie said...

come back!! i've been coming to your blog every day for the past few days, hoping that you came back early or something. our schools are wierd and cancelled yesterday and today due to cold temps. i've actually had free time...but no new blogs to read!

it's only 8am but a burger sounds really good right now. :)

Emoly said...


When you get back I have a blog question for you!? Yes, you did indeed inspire me to create my own blog world. It's way too addicting! By the way, enjoy the warm weather, it's snowing here, again, on top of the two feet of snow we already have!


greg. said...

julie - i'm back. sorry i wasn't quick enough. i'll post later today, so you'll have something new to look at and hopefully comment on.


greg. said...

emily -

welcome to the blogosphere! what questions do you have?


Emoly said...

Hi Greg!

The first one I figured out (it was how do I get the site meter -found it and counting away at an awesome 12 total)!

I was also wondering about archiving, does this happen automatically, or is there something I should be doing so I don't have 15 differ. posts on my blog...? I don't want to delete them, do I? I'm so new to this whole world of blog!

Thanks for your help!

greg. said...

the archiving should happen automatically, although i believe you can set how many posts you would like to have on your page at once. in other words, you can determine how many are still visible on the main page.

let's say you set it that you only want posts within the last week to be on the main page. if a post is 8 days old, it will automatically be archived. it can still be viewed by people, they just have to click on "older posts" or on one of the themes you have given it. for example, on my blog, if you click on poetry, you will be taken to a page that will show you all the posts i've labeled as poetry.

what i'm saying is that just because a post doesn't show up on your main page, it doesn't mean you've lost it. and you shouldn't delete it, unless you don't want anyone seeing it anymore.

hope that helps.


Emoly said...

Thanks Greg! That did help. I didn't want to wait a whole month before I knew whether my posts were archived. I did change my settings to daily. This is pretty cool.

ps: have you blogged me yet?