Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day from us and our little cupid.
and now, as marvin gaye so beautifully put it, "let's get it on..."

a lover,



Mary said...

alright fine, i'll be the first to state the obvious. Jackson makes for a really adorable little man with wings. I would let him shoot an arrow at me any day. actually...that might be helpful for me :) Eating these sugar jelly hearts certainly isn't working in the love department like i thought they would!

greg. said...

thank you, mary, for being the lone commentor on what, in my opinion, was most likely the cutest post i've ever had. now granted, i probably went way too far with the marvin gaye quote, but, c'mon, no one has anything to say about our little cupid? geesh.

sorry about those sugar jelly hearts. have you tried the non-jelly kind, the hard kind with words on them? i have found that it is hard to fail at love when you eat a box of those puppies. especially if they are stale. and you must eat all of them - even the orange ones, even though your brain may tell you that orange is not a good color for valentine's day, and maybe you should just pick those out because the citrus-y burst of flavor just doesn't go real well with the mix. even though your brain may tell you those things: don't give in. you must eat the whole box.

the doctor is in.

Mary said...

alright doc...but good thing i am going to the grocery store today because I will pick up some gingerale to wash down the chalky hearts. or maybe i will buy some dried fruit to stick the hearts in...or better yet...some applesauce in which i can crush up the candied hearts. i learned that from Nurse Anne Marie.

i hate medicine