Tuesday, February 27, 2007

happy birthday, max!

today is our dog's birthday. actually, we're not sure how old he is, but however many years it is, it is even more in dog years (7 times more, to be exact). however many years its been, they have been rich and fun years. we love our dog so much. we adopted him several years ago, and he has been such a pleasant companion. in so many ways, he was and is our first child, something that got us prepared for childhood in a way that we weren't. now he is like an older brother to jack. actually, its been really fun the last few weeks because jack has taken a new interest in max and wants to play with him and pet him all the time. he follows him around just saying his name over and over. max would rather just sleep than be chased around the house by a toddler armed with a snotty nose, several toy dinosaurs that make distorted roaring noises, and the desire to try to ride the dog. but he patiently puts up with it. he is a very easy going bulldog, our max. i love him so much. so, happy birthday, max.


greg. said...

shannon tells me that he is 7 today, which makes him a young 49. could i get a mathematician to tell me when he will be 50?


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!! I hope I said that loud enough for him to hear me?
Take care old boy we love you too!!!
Scooter and Puddles!

Emoly said...

Friday, April 20th, Max will turn 50. (that also happens to be Bill's birthday!)

I did the math.

greg. said...

thank you emily. and thank you to scooter and puddles for your warm wishes. i am glad i haven't eaten you yet.


Peter said...

Sweet story. I've often heard that English bulldogs are "lovers, not fighters," and your description of his apparent mellowness follows that assertion.

Sorry I haven't commented on your collages--I like them very much, but I'm not much of an art critic. I end up sounding like my mom, who is a librarian, did when I wanted her opinion on a car I was going to buy: "Oh, what a pretty engine."

greg. said...


max is incredibly laid back. he is gentle and mostly just sleeps all day. people say he looks tough, but i think i have lost my ability to see him that way, since i just know him as lazy and gentle. he is an awesome dog.

as far as the art discussion, i am not looking for an art critic. i don't know how to critique art at all. i am the farthest thing from an authority on that subject. i am just trying to get some dialogue going about what makes art art. i imagine you've got some ideas about that. i value your ideas on this.