Monday, February 19, 2007

and the greatest of these

i made some collages this weekend, and scanned in a bunch of others that i've made over the last few months. i thought i would share a few of them with you this president's day. this one here is called "and the greatest of these." it's different for me to use pinks and pastels, but i was inspired by the analogous colors chart. i loved the lines on the chart, so i used them to guide the collage. sometimes my collages are "about" or "inspired by" or a reaction to an issue or event or emotion, but sometimes they are simply visual. this is one of those. it is just a visual and spacial peice. at least it started off that way. by the end of it, i realized that i am a bit of a romanticist, at least in that i just want to find the beauty in everything. i don't think i have my head buried in the sand or anything. i understand there is evil in this world and in my own world, and i want to deal with that, too. but i just believe that there is beauty in all of it. i have this realization pretty much every time i make a collage, and yet it surprises me every time. weird.

i have also determined that i am a bit of a non-coincidentalist (my term). that is, my gluing stuff together in various ways is always informed by and based on my belief that there are relationships among all these things. its kind of like a chaos theory of relationships. in this collage, for example, what is the effect of gluing the particular 9 words to the web of lines and color? the words are: a rainbow laws emotions, style colors "poetry image love. i mean, there is no obvious and easy answer here. we have to go digging, but i think it forces me to begin asking questions about relationships and assumptions i make about things. it causes me to consider that there is joy in the juxtaposition, and truth in the tension. these are the things that lead to me gluing things down and wondering if i should share them with you...


Emoly said...

Out of the three collages, I am drawn to this one. The lines are definitely drawing the eye around the page following the colors. It is simple, a simple statement of an analagous color chart, simple in it's use of the colors. Yet it can be so complex. Like, are you really deep down saying that you want a daughter, hence the use of pink? Hmmmm

I like it Greg, your work has always intrigued and inspired me. I value your thought process and how you take ordinary objects and mold them into art and expressions of your thoughts and feelings.

greg. said...


that is so nice of you to say. i mean, i'm glad you think these things; i'm glad my work has 'intrigued and inspired you,' and i'm thankful that you told me this.

i am still struggling very much with how to share my work. what venue is appropriate for sharing. everything i'm reading is telling me that art is not meant to be for the self only, and then stored away in a box. so how do i share this in the context of a community. i have alot of hangups about that, but one of them, probably the most basic one, is just that fear that people won't like them or whatever. so, i appreciate your encouraging words.

having said that, i wouldn't read too far into my color use. i think two boys are plenty for now. :)


Emoly said...

I have seen the book that Shannon made for you, and I was lucky enough to see the collages you had hanging around your house in T.R.; I am excited that you are sharing your work on your blog. I (and others) will still get the chance to see it.

I think your fear is justified, what you're creating may not be understood by everyone looking at it. But it's about what you put into it. You have a great chance to not only showcase your work, but also to explain what your pieces mean, giving others more insight to your work that they might not have otherwise understood. (like that sentence...?)

I don't know, I'm still thinking deep down, you still want a daughter!