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this is a collage i made about 5 years ago. i called it 'in her sight.' as is my custom, i don't prefer to offer any explanation as to how i came to the title, or what it has to do with the collage itself. it is simply what i have chosen to name it. i like naming things, by the way. except for children. i get completely overwhelmed by the prospect of naming a human being. but thats a topic for another time.

anyway, i have made many collages over the last 7 or 8 years, and most of them are sitting in a large bin creatively labeled, "collages." so they sit there through seasons of joy and pain, through summer and winter and summer again. they just sit there. every once in awhile i drag it out and look through them, taking a little trip through the events that inspired these collages, but, for the most part, they just sit there. art in the dark. buried in a bin.

recently i pulled out the big blue container, a casket of collages, and looked through my creations. some of them i am proud of. there are others that make me laugh, and they seem silly. but overall, i enjoy looking at them, being in touch again with the spirit of them. as i did this, i found this one and immediately thought of a friend of mine who is about to enter into a crazy time of her life. i can't imagine what she is getting herself into, and so i felt it was only fitting to send this to her as a reminder that myself, and others, have her in the sight of our thoughts and prayers.

so i went to the clinton post office today and mailed it. no insurance. no liquids or hazardous materials. no, i wouldn't like any stamps. i just want to mail this little piece of me to my friend to let her know i am thinking of her. thank you. you too.

and so there you have it. sharing the art. giving it a chance to breath a little. and maybe, just maybe, sharing a little joy in the process.




Crafty P said…
Of course,(of course?) i love this collage- the colors, the subject, how this woman is gazing at the sun. very meaningful in many ways. oh and the colors, right, I see now I already mentioned those. well, i love them doubly. seems I'll be doing a lot of things in two's soon anyway, guess I start by repeating myself!

well now. we all need a little joy every now and then, don't we?

and that is another great reason to keep on creating and adding to your 'casket' (as you call it). I guess my scrapbooks are a little like that too. Just sitting here not being shared often enough and waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to thumb through them and take a little delight in the stories they contain.
greg milinovich said…
i'm glad you like it, because its yours. it should be arriving in the mail sometime at the beginning of next week.

you know i love you and am praying for you. God bless you, Christina.

Anonymous said…
yesssssssssssssssssssss....i so called that one.
greg milinovich said…
well, mary, you are just SO smart...
Anonymous said…
well you FINALLY got smart yourself...doi.
Crafty P said…
I had a hunch. it arrived today! lovely and you took such care to even make the back of it beautiful. (i just happened to see the back first and thought, 'oh that is so pretty')

my collage collection is now up to TWO!
Crafty P said…
there was supposed to be the words...
ThaNK YoU in that post. and I do love that is mine. it will not be filed away in some 'casket'. lovely to recieve something other than steaks in an omaha steak box.
greg milinovich said…
well, then you clearly haven't had an omaha steak. WAY more mouth-watering than a collage!
Anonymous said…
so greg I figured out how to comment.

You know I am getting old now and wear reading glasses at night.... so seeing that little itty bitty invitation to comment was not obvious to me.

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