Tuesday, January 09, 2007

swamp king

wow. most of you probably don't care, but my favorite college football team won the bcs championship last night over the #1 ranked ohio state buckeyes. not many expected the gators to win. in fact, most picked the buckeyes in a rout. but that was not the case. florida absolutely cracked the buckeyes 41-14, resulting in many sweet smiles in front of my tv last night.

thanks to rick durrance who, along with one infamous orange hat, started me out as a gators fan.


Crafty P said...

we care and we are NOT happy about who won.

greg. said...

ahh, Christina, are you a buckeye fan? or a gator hater? either way, i'm sorry for your misery. i'm sorry that the gators had to prove to america that they are so underrated and that the SEC is by far superior to any other conference. sorry.

Anonymous said...

GREG!!! I am glad to see that you are following college football and are educated on the strength of the SEC. However it disturbs me that you are misguided on your team. It's time to thank Rick for introducing you to the conference, but stand on your own, and start rooting for the Dawgs, not the Gators. Of course we must give credit where credit is due, and the Gators took care of buisness from the beginning to the end (aside from a humiliating loss to Auburn where they were beat without one offensive Tiger touchdown.) A few weeks later the Dawgs took care of buisness with the Tigers, stunning them 37-15. Both the Gators and the Dawgs will have to work it out next year with their young QBs, but my bet is on Stafford. Can Tebow even throw? All I have seen is the 2 or 3 yard runs, and a basketball like shot into the end zone. Only time will tell. Will there be a more exciting game than the 2007 Worlds largest coctail party? It is good to read updates on your family here. Your writing and your faith is inspiring to me brother.- John Mark Nysewander

greg. said...

john mark! welcome back to the realm of existence! where have you been? it is SO good to hear from you. drop me an email sometime at gregorymilinovich@yahoo.com.

look forward to hearing from you.

ps. sup got a cow that moo backwards say oom!