Wednesday, January 31, 2007

super bowl XLI

there is supposed to be some kind of football game played this sunday. i was hoping that you could leave a comment with your prediction.
my prediction?
bears 20, colts 17


Cindy said...

I can't believe that you really think the Bears defense will beat out the Colts. I think that Peyton Manning will pull it out and win. Indy 35, Chicago 20. I think that Grossman won't be able to handle the pressure of the Super Bowl. But you know I really don't care either way. It should be fun to see who can get it done.

greg. said...

cindy, cindy, cindy. have you not seen peyton fold time and time again. i know that the sears' home seems to be enthralled by the manning family in general (i am referring here to tim's deep and intimate feelings for eli), but history has proven that peyton is an almost.

at least i hope that's true.

you see, i can't stand peyton manning, and all his ridiculous and unsportsmanlike hand gesturing at the line of scrimmage. i also can't stand his monopoly of celebrity endorsements. i am tired of him. i was so happy last year when the steelers defense got up in his face and scared the crap out of him. i remember after the game when he blamed his offensive line. that was classic peyton. unable to really perform under pressure. always folding in the biggest moment.

and so, even though i think the bears' offense is pathetic, i pick the bears defense over the peyton and his players.

having said that, i won't be totally surprised if the colts hand it to the bears, like you have predicted. we'll see.

on a side note, if the colts do win, i will be happy for tony dungy, former pittsburgh steeler.


cathyQ said...

Colts 24
Bears 17 That's all I'm saying about that.

greg. said...

wow. my mom weighs in with a superbowl prediction! holy crap!

mego said...

I have no prediction - only my hopes that echo yours that the Colts lose. It's a shame - I like Tony D. - but Peyton has always annoyed me - he's a me player, he'll quickly blame his teammates when every other QB out there is shouldering the blame for their losses - alot of times when they shouldn't be. I was routing for Tom Brady and the Pats in the AFC championship because Brady is a true team player and always gives credit to his offensive line. And I'm not even a Patriots fan. 'Nough said - I just agree with your attitude towards Peyton - maybe not as passionately as yours though! :)

greg. said...

well, megan, if you haven't been able to tell, i almost always come across incredibly passionate in my writing. its a blessing and a curse. the truth is that i dislike peyton and don't want him to win. i am the guiltiest of overstaters. so, do you have a superbowl prediction? we need a prediction here.

ps. i saw the web-counter thingy on your blog and copied your idea. thanks!

pete said...

My prediction: I will so completely not care that my general apathy will overwhelm all within my immediate vicinity. In fact, the most emotion I will probably muster will be slight annoyance that pizza will take that much longer to order that day.

Taken solely on mascot merit (like betting on horses based on color), it's hard to imagine a horse eating a bear, while the converse is completely plausible. Oh, and Indianapolis is to Pete as Boston is to Greg. So on general principle...well, you get the idea.

taryn said...

my friend caitlin from indianna has been wearing her colts jersey every day without fail since they beat the patriots. (she's only washed it once i might add) so needless to say she would kill me if i made any prediction besides colts domination. haha.
but it's not the steelers. so why really cares.

greg. said...

good call, pete. however, do we need to show loyalty to colts, since we did graduate as the proud colts of jessamine county high school?

greg. said...


sorry you have to root for the losing team. oh well. the most important thing, as you said, is that the steelers aren't in it, so it isn't really all that important...

Anonymous said...

Greg, what up man.

My prediction is the colts by a touchdown or less. I have no clue what the score will be, but I think Peyton will finally cross the finish line. Oh how many times he has fallen short, but he is ready to get the monkey off his back.

John Mark

Emily U. said...


Since you won't be back until Wednesday, and the Super Bowl was last night, I'm sad to see that your prediction was WRONG! I would have been happy either way, being a true mid-west girl. However, I'm very happy with the outcome! You can't call them the "dolts" or the "chokes" now! :)

greg. said...

okay, so i was wrong. what can i say? i am very disappointed, but, as i said i would be, happy for tony dungy (is he anorexic, or what?).

my mom made the best prediction!


ps. san diego is freakin' beautiful. it was in the low 80's today. i was at the beach, walking around in short sleeves. awesome.