Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the new man
and so it has begun. a new era in steeler football. again, i recognize that if there is even anyone reading this, you probably couldn't conjure up enough care to fill a chinstrap, but this is a big deal for me: a new coach.
at first, when i heard the reports on saturday, i was shocked and surprised and even a little disappointed. i was sort of hoping it would russ grimm, former washington redskins offensive lineman, and current assistant head coach for the steelers. i thought, in some ways, that he deserved the job.
however, after leaving work early yesterday to get home and watch the press conference on the NFL network, i have changed my mind. i just have so much faith in the rooney family to make wise decisions, and, perhaps more than that, the man clearly has some charisma. he has a presence that i am certain russ grimm does not have. he had a great deal of skepticism shadowing him as he approached that podium yesterday: i think most pittsburgh football fans wanted grimm. but once he opened his mouth and said things like "blue collar" and "hard working" and "running the ball" he won some new followers. but it was not just his words that hooked me, it was his whole demeanor: his seriousness and intensity and willingness to be honest about his priorities (God, family, work, in that order).
and so, mike tomlin, welcome to the burgh. i hope to be talking about you again next january, carrying a lamar hunt trophy with you into a super bowl.


mego said...

Well Greg, obviously you know that I care about the new coach. I was pretty shocked it wasn't Grimm, but not really suprised, if that makes sense. The Rooney's are known for loyalty so I hoped they would choose Grimm because of that. But if Tomlin was the best man then I have to trust them on that.
It will be interesting to see what happens. I was glad to hear that Dick Lebeau wouldn't be leaving and there would be some continuity. I'm getting used to the idea and I hope the fans get behind Tomlin and support the team with the passion we're known for!

greg. said...

yeah, lebeau is staying, and so is bruce arians, the wide receivers coach. he will be promoted to offensive coordinator. the rest remains to be seen, altough every indication is that the entire defensive staff will stay intact.

i really think he's going to be a good coach, whether its in pittsburgh or not remains to be seen.


RobLewis said...

Hybrid coaching staffs can be a challenge. The Viking defence allowed the fewest rushing yards in 06. I think they approached a seasonal all time record. I thought Grimm was a good choice but he has no coordinator experience. We'll see. Yoi! Double Yoi! Hmm Hah! All hail Myron!

greg. said...

hi rob! glad you stopped in. yeah, i think the whole hybrid thing is going to be a bit of a challenge, but i think we are going to see some immediate improvements in some other ways. i mean, anytime is in one place/position for 15 years, their weaknesses (aka growing edges) become more and more a reality. so i think we will see tomlin's gifts surfacing in surprising new ways. but, of course, he will have his own weaknesses as well, so we shall see...

and yes, by all means, let us hail the king of all yoi's, mr. myron cope. man i miss him.