Monday, January 29, 2007

its a birthday party, its YOUR birthday party, happy birthday, darlin'! we love you very very very very very very very much.

well, the celebration is finally over. we had two birthday parties, a trip to chuck e. cheese, two cakes, several episodes of icing in the hair, garbage bags full of wrapping paper, a small fortune in batteries, and enough digital pictures to fill a hard drive. but we had a blast. being a parent in 2007 is challenging, loud, and a complete blast. thanks for all your birthday wishes. the following is a personal thank you from jack:
to all my friends, acquaintances, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents and general well-wishers,
i would like to extend my utmost gratitude for how you thought of me during my recent milestone. turning two is a huge step for me, as it is the only time in my life when i will double my cardinal numeral in one day. i have made some major changes in turning two, including a commitment to work on my vocabulary, which, as you can tell, is a bit immature. but i vow to change.
anyway, thank you all for your love and support, and especially for expressing it with toys. i am a big fan of toys. i like dinosaurs, trains, cars, trucks, animals, people, airplanes, helicopters, books, boats, baths, candy and icing in my hair. i pretty much like everything. so, thanks for making this the best birthday i've ever had.
jackson a. milinovich
ps. if anyone can think of an awesome father's day gift, let me know, i really want to give my dad a special gift this year.


Anonymous said...

Jackson we thank you for allowing us to take part in one of your two year old birthday party's. I wanted to see you again this week but we had some unexpected visitors that stayed for two weeks. "I have two nanna's and two pappy's" stated calla.

pete said...

I have known your dad for years, and I believe he was quite a notorious Stryper fan at one time. (Ask him about Stryper--I'm not sure I'd do it justice here.) I have some sweet Stryper records I'd give you a good deal on. (Records are like cd's, except they're bigger, less convenient, and don't sound as good. Oh, they also degrade more quickly. But they do make better skeet.) Think about it.

greg. said...


jack keeps seeing you on tv. every once in awhile he will just point at the tv and say, "shay!"

jack also has two pappy's and nanna's, and was spoiled by them all!


ps. the fish is still living

greg. said...


shannon and i have a hebrew language question. assuming that you are now a scholar and expert in the field of hebrew exegesis, we wanted to ask you what is your sense of why the hebrew was translated as "fearfully" in psalm 139:14. the king james used this word, and then many of the other translations have stuck with it. we have found very little commentary that tells us what we are looking for. if the psalmist was trying to say that God made us intricately, or magnificently, or awesomely, why are none of these words ever used instead of the more nebulous word "fearfully?" is the hebrew ambiguous? or unknown? give us insight, o rabbi!


pete said...

I'll take a stab at it: The word ‏יָרֵא (yaREH) is translated "fearfully" in the KJV, NIV, and many others. In the HCSB, it is translated "remarkably." The root of ‏יָרֵא is also found in Nehemiah 6:16 as a verb, but is translated "all of the heathen that were about us saw", even though the Masoretic Text conveys that this might be better translated "all of the heathen that were about us feared." Koehler-Baumgartner's Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, considered the "Cadillac of Lexicons," defines the word as "dreaded in a terrible way." Thus, I think that the translation is probably basically for the sake of literal accuracy.

That said, I think an equally important reason to maintain this translation as such is poetic value. "Carefully," as this word is often understood, just doesn't carry the jaw dropping, heart racing, uncontrollable sense of fear that I think comes with really, really, really knowing, deep down, deep in your bones, that the God who created the Crab Nebula, the Grand Canyon, the Mariana Trench, Mount Everest, Jupiter, Saturn, rainbows, bumblebees, diamonds, and dinosaurs also created me, individually, with care and precision. Taken with an all-encompassing (as much as is possible in this finite brain), all things considered perspective, jaw-dropping, pant-crapping fear is probably understating things significantly. How do we remain standing with such knowledge?

That's just my perspective, though.

This moment of worshipfulness was brought to you by Luther Seminary, home of hotdish and hymns since sometime in the early part of the century.

greg. said...

wow. i seriously think i DID just crap my pants.

thank you. that was very helpful. i guess what i am still unsure about is what it means to say that i am fearfully made. i mean, i understand that there is a sense of awe and even fear about the fact that i am made at all, let alone made with such detail and care and love. but how does that make me fearfully made? it just seems like an odd construct to me. and maybe that is just the point. maybe the translaters thought it best captured the intent to keep it somewhat as an odd verbal construct. i don't know, this is just what i've been thinking about it...

pete said...

Thanks, Greg--that was actually my first instance of "real life application" of something I'm learning at seminary, which really helps me to remain motivated to study and do well.

I couldn't resist the "pant-crapping." A good synthetic adjective like that is worth its weight in gold. You can now use that in a sermon if you'd like--I'm sure it will add to the heartwarmingness.