Monday, January 08, 2007

how. and happy birthday.
so, this is my sister, mary, dressed like some kind of indian for thanksgiving last year. she'll probably want to pierce me with a quiver-full of arrows for posting this picture, but i thought it would be a fun picture to share. its all her anyway. i mean, notice the absolutely straight face. mary is for real, i mean, when she does something, she really does it. here she is getting into character, and there is nothing in the world that would stop her.

but she has more talents than impersonating indigenous peoples and being single-minded about it. she is also a really amazing artist. she chose to make most of her christmas gifts this year, which i think is awesome, and one of the things she gave me was a bunch of paper that she made! this is one of the sheets. i love the texture. and of course the color.

saturday was mary's birthday. epiphany. so, today, i post in celebration of my youngest sister, who, when she was born, i so wanted to be a little brother, but now in retrospect, i'm glad she's a sister. i celebrate her artistry and her stubborness and her pride in her heritage and her independence and her honesty and her curly hair and her thoughtfulness and her love of the steelers and her free spirit and her dedication and her. happy birthday, mary. i love you.


Rick Durrance said...

Happy Birthday Mary!
Uhhh, Greg. did you notice?

Mary said...

i love my Indian shirt. to tell you that i have worn it on more than one occasion may disturb or intrigue you. be intrigued my disturbingly intrigued.

Happy Birthday to my 23 old self :)

greg. said...

i think disturbed is absolutely the better word here, although perhaps not quite strong enough. maybe dismayed would be better. or aghast. or dumbfounded. or, to be more honest, not really all that surprised.

but seriously, stop smoking the peace pipe...