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happy birthday, jack

it's a thursday in january, which means that it is crisp out. don't let the bright sun and spring-blue sky fool you: the air's got teeth, like sharp dead-of-winter teeth.

its the 25th day of january, which means it's been about exactly a month since Christmas. a month of paying bills and remembering that there is still no peace on earth. a month of playoffs and broken resolutions. a month of remembering "i have dream" speeches.

its a thursday, the 25th day of january, which means it's jackson's birthday. our son celebrates two years of life today. or, i should say, WE celebrate two years of his life today. actually, we celebrated last week. we celebrated today. and we will celebrate again tomorrow. today we took him to chuck e. cheese's for some serious game-playing. shannon and i were disturbed from the get-go because chuck looks an awful lot like a rat. once we were inside, we realized he IS indeed a rat who robs you of your coinage so he can give you little paper tickets that you can then trade in for a plastic spider ring. and if being conned out of your money causes you to work up an appetite, you can conveniently purchase a hot dog for your child for $4 (what is this, yankee stadium?). so we played enough games to completely overload jack's senses and then went to mcdonald's where he got a few nuggets of a chicken-like substance, some golden fries, chocolate milk, AND a toy dinosaur all for about the price of a hot dog made bby the greedy coin-eating rat next door.

all in all, we had a great time.

but seriously, it is truly great cause to celebrate. i had absolutely no idea what this parenting thing was going to be like, but i never could have guessed i would have a son as precious as he is. there are so many moments in so many days that i am just completely amazed by him, or overwhelmingly proud of him, or parentally frustrated with him, but i'm always in love with him. with the smell of him. with his dinosaur noises and his love of tools. with how he raises his eyebrows and flexes his muscles. with the way he dances and shares his snacks. with the heart-melting way he says good-bye to me when i go to work. with the way he squints his eyes when we pray. with those little fingers and that ticklish tummy. with all of him. i didn't know i was capable of feeling this way, but i do. i DO feel this way. and today i celebrate the first two wonderful years of jackson andrew milinovich.



Crafty P said…
happy birthday, Jack!!!

God bless your parents for taking you to that 'lovely' little place known as Chuck e cheese. My kids do not know about that place and I WILL keep it from them as long as possible- for all the reaons you stated, as well as the germs, cardboard-esque, sorry excuse for pizza, etc. etc.

wow. didn't mean to rant, but i did. sorry.

JACK- happy birthday. That was one of my favorite pics of you. That one and the one of Jack in a box. hehe
mego said…
Happy Birthday Jack! Birthday hugs from all of us...
We went to Chuck E Cheese for Ella's b'day too. Definitely expensive but now I know there are lots of coupons out there that I'll take advantage of if we go again. I know everyone says their pizza stinks, but I actually liked it. Maybe I was just really hungry or dillusional or just have really low pizza standards.
greg. said…

it was actually exceptionally clean and well kept. i will be calling your kids soon, disguising my voice as chuck e. cheese and telling them to come and visit me!
ha ha ha ha (this is an evil laugh)

greg. said…

don't worry. i have really low pizza standards as well. i LOVE pizza, so pretty much, if its pizza, i love it. frozen. fresh. anyway. so, don't worry.
Cindy said…
Happy, Happy Birthday the ripe old age of 2! The terrible twos are also the ticklish twos, the tremendous twos, the tongue tied twos, Sarah is doing this thing where she really wants to talk to me about something but her mind runs to fast for her words so she can't keep up with her words. Greg congrats too you have now made it your son is two and you are alive and so is he. Isn't God wonderful, there are so many times that we love our children to death and recognize the immense love God has for us. And then there are those other times when we don't know how to love our kids and would they just quit being so bad already. Then we get to remember why God actually loves on a daily basis!

On a pizza note, I can't remember the last time I had Chuch E. Cheese pizza so I don't know the quality of the pizza but I think I would enjoy it anyway. To pizza or not to pizza every day of the week is the question!! Like christina my children don't have a clue as to what that place is either. Their Grandparents would like to cure that illness they call it. We can hold off for a few more years yet right!?!

Anonymous said…
Hey, so fun to peek into your lives a little after so many years of not being in touch. Jack looks like a sweetie. Hope to meem him sooner than later. :)
Thanks for keeping your blog so up to date. It's always great reading! And...all that time in highschool I had no idea of your "artsy self"! Libby
Anonymous said…
that was suppose to say "Hope to MEET him sooner than later!" :) Libby
greg. said…

so good to have you comment on my blog! glad you stopped by. thanks for the birthday greetings to jack. he is my treasure. he had a wonderful birthday. i know what you mean about kids frustrating us. that happens to me, too, but i think it is easier for me since i don't deal with him ALL DAY EVERY DAY. i get to go to work and escape from him at times. but i think you are right. kids want to teach us patience, don't they?
greg. said…

i hope you get to meet jack soon, too. it is awesome to connect with people from your past, people who at one time were incredibly dear to you. i know you didn't know i had an artistic side, and that's because i didn't really know it myself in high school. i have since discovered it!

i love your blog, too. i really love the pictures. i always feel like i've been on an international trip after visiting your blog. thanks for being so regular with your posts!

mary said…
i never get a thank you for posting. what am i? chop liver?
greg. said…
mary, what are you talking about. i don't see any other comments on this page. you can't complain when you don't comment!


aka: not scared of mice
Anonymous said…
Happy B-day Jackson, sorry we missed
it. Good thing there aren't any clowns at Chuck's house!!!
Redbank BIlly

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