Sunday, January 21, 2007

happy birthday, Dad!

yesterday, january 20th, was my dad's 50th birthday! it is a milestone day for him, and for our whole family, really, as we celebrate his 50 years of life. i won't get to see him until next weekend when mom and dad come out for Jack's 2nd birthday, but we certainly celebrate with him across state lines.

dad is a united methodist minister, a father of three incredible kids (especially the eldest), a bit of a science nerd, a loving and adoring husband, a master of divinity, a lover of ancient music, a project guy (at any given time he's got several different projects going usually involving some combination of astronomy, geology, theology, and of course, technology), a younger brother of three older brothers in a catholic-croatian family, a musician, a lover of pentel mechanical pencils (0.5 leads) and giant candy canes, a keeper of messy cars/offices/dressers/etc., a tolkien fan, and an awesome dad.

happy 50th birthday, dad. i love you.


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cathyQ said...

thank you for the wonderful portrayal. You make me to be a very proud father.
I love you.