Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ecstatic songs

walt whitman wrote, in a poem called "beginning my studies":

beginning my studies the first step pleas'd me so much,
the mere fact consciousness, these forms, the power of motion,
the least insect or animal, the senses, eyesight, love,
the first step i say awed me and pleas'd me so much,
i have hardly gone and hardly wish'd to go any farther,
but stop and loiter all the time to sing it in ecstatic songs.

when i read this poem last night i felt like whitman was saying what i am always trying to say in this blog, and in pretty much everything that i write: that i am in love with this thing called living. that i am enamored with the breath of it, and blue of it, the being of it. that i love mashed potatos and guitar solos and van gogh's insane art. that i love watching nature shows and sunsets and independent films. that i love eating and sleeping and staying up late and getting up early and playing and working and moving. that i love shrimp. that i love intellectual debate and sentimental agreement. that i love what it is that gets sort of glued together into this thing called life. and, like whitman, i am so enamored by it, i just want to sing it, write it, tell it, collage it, type it, photograph it, say it.

i love this journey.

i want to make that clear in every word,
every post,
every breath,

every day,


Julie said...

After a long day of work and getting up early for several days straight, I start to lose that "awe." I sometimes let the stresses and busyness of life bog me down. Thanks for reminding me that each day is another opportunity for me to be excited, and to be seeking. I need to practice the art of reflection - it's not one of my strong points.

By the way, your blog is really hopping! I hadn't been here in a week or so and geez, man! Did you see what cousin Steve said on myfamily.com? Some jargon but it's supposed to help your blog...you'll see what I mean. On a random note: Mary is still freaking out about the mice. She hears them.

Mary said...

and I think we have some strong mice on our hands because i thought for sure that bugger was stuck...but Jenna says it is not. grr. greg...your blog convicted me as well. that i should somehow be enamored with this little life that God created. the little breathing thing that is seeking food and warmth in the comfort of my wonderful apartment. and yet...no...im sorry. i can't. im going to go pray some more.

Mary said...

I now await my thank you for my previous comment.

you are a thankyou nazi

Anonymous said...

Is this posting for siblings only? I long for the short moments we may have when talking with someone who feels they have no purpose and for that thirty seconds we may help them think differently about this wonderful gift called life.

Anonymous said...

Greg, thanks for your comment on my blog! I check yours almost everyday too. So happy you are comfortable with your "artistic self" now because we all benefit! When is that next little one due? Hope to meet your wife and kids someday. David looks at your blog too...he just hasn't posted comments yet....lurker! :) Libby

greg. said...


yeah, my blog is a hot spot. i know. what can i say? it's like grand central station up in here!

i tried what steve said, but couldn't make sense of it. i got a book called HTML for dummies, so i'm hoping i can figure it out for myself.

and a variation on your random note: mary needs therapy. seriously. as some very wise sharks say in the classic work of cinema, Finding Nemo, "INTERVENTION!"

greg. said...


thank you SO much for commenting. what a privilege, really. i mean, to have such a grove city college superstar making comments on my little old blog? wow.

and you really need to deal with the mouse issue. seriously, mary, there is so much life in the mouse. the creative spark of life is flickering in there, animating God's little creature. you really ought to think about making peace with the rodents of your apartment.

ps. thank you for commenting.

greg. said...

libby (and david): glad to have you. our second little boy is due at the end of april, which is now LESS than 3 months away. holy moly. i can't imagine how we are going to have two when we seem to have our hands more than full with one! but i know it will be awesome...

Anonymous said...

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