Wednesday, January 24, 2007


this is a collage i made a few years back. i called it dimly. i happen to know that it is one of my mom's favorites. in the upper right hand corner it has the words from 1 corinthians 13 that i was referring to yesterday.

i guess one of the things that occurs to me is that as beautiful as this world is, as much as i am sometimes just prickled with the sensation of light and animation and spirit and soul and song, i am only seeing things in a very blurry way. i long for the day when i can say, like jack nicholson responding to tom cruise's question, "is that clear:"


it is also interesting to me that this verse is written specifically in context of paul describing what love is all about. love is all of this and love is not this. you know, you've heard it at practically every wedding you've ever been to. basically paul is saying: love is incredible. and then he says, "we can see now, sure. but it's not clear. it's more like looking through a glass darkly. dimly. but someday we will see. we will see all the color and all the light and all the songs falling from everything. and we will see love.

and my maker will say, "i love you. i love you. i love you. is that clear?"




cathyQ said...


Yes, I have always loved that collage. Sometimes I see things that way. I can look at a scene or a picture or a store for that matter, and everything fades into the background except what I am interested in or what pleases me. I have selective sight. Perhaps that is part of the mystery of the world. We select what we "want" to see based on our knowledge, experiences, and openness. When we get clear of this world and all its worries, burdens, and challenges then we will be free to see for real, and not just what we want to see but everything that we're afraid to see now. Until then, I love the collage!


Laurie said...

Greg, I'm glad I followed the Wilmore UMC grapevine of blogs and found yours. You write great devotional material. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts.


Cindy said...

Funny that you wrote about love today. I am in the middle of my Bible study about Breaking Free and experincing the full love of God. Here are a few tid bits I picked up on. "Belief is not a feeling. Its a choice." and "No one has ever done more to show you that you were unloved than God has done to show you that you are loved." Thanks for sharing.