Sunday, December 24, 2006

i'll be out of pocket until the new year, so have a blessed end of the 2006 edition of time's unfolding, and i will step with you into whatever comes next. see you next year!



cathyQ said...

I enjoyed reading the last several blog entries. I responded in a very lengthy, and I thought interesting, way but my comment did not show up. I talked to Mary and she told me that I now have to do the word verification in the middle of the right column, which I did not do, so my fabulous comment was lost. Sigh. Oh well. Suffice it to say that I love Christmas, everything about it and i always cry when it is over. This year being no exception. Now it is the new year and one day is gone already. Time takes no prisoners. My new year's resolution: to enjoy life especially my grandchildren as much as possible. Now that's an easy one to keep.
2007: the year of the pig; we appropriately ate pork roast today.

Erin said...

Curious as to the origins of the title "agentorange." i get the "orange" part, obviously. But i was just wondering about the agent part, since everytime i check your blog, Tori Amos's song containing this phrase comes to mind...


greg. said...

don't cry, mom. the new year will be even better than the last! onward and upward!

thanks for a great christmas. we had a wonderful time with all of you, only it was too short.

it may be the year of the pig, but for me, it needs to be the year of the skinny pig.

greg. said...


no real significant origins. agentorange was the name of my imaginary record company in college. under the moniker 'agentorange records' i produced several popular mix tapes (including a collection of 10 acoustic mix tapes called the diet albums), and, since then, a long list of mix cds. it has always been a dream of mine to help people hear better music. but, i digress...

really, the only significance is, as you astutely noted, the orange. i, i suppose, am agentorange, although i want nothing to do with the actual chemical.

hope that clears it up. thanks for your curiousity. and say hi to tori for me.


ps. the slogan for agentorange records is ...die trying