Monday, December 04, 2006

his glorious sanctuary
this post and the next two are some collages i have made in the last few weeks. i thought i would just show you a little bit of what i've been working on. this one i made on a block of wood, the following two are simply on paper. i love making collages, as many of you know. these are scanned images, and they aren't as clear as seeing them in real life. also, the last one is much bigger than the surface area of my scanner, so you are only seeing a portion of the whole collage. anyway, here they are...
random notes of absolutely no interest:
the gators are going to play for the national championship in january. they have been my favorite college football team since high school. i hope they show the world how superior the SEC is by crushing the buckeyes. what kind of a mascot is a buckeye, by the way? isn't it a nut? are we supposed to be intimadated by a team of mixed nuts? like, "look out, there's a nut rolling towards you!" that's just not scary. the steelers won yesterday, but i would rather them lose in a way, since their season is shot, i'd love to see them drop some of these games and get some better draft picks. its all about next year now. i am currently reading a book called "how to read a poem and fall in love with poetry." it is an awesome book that really inspires me. i have been listening to a tune by an australian band called leeland. the tune is called "sound of melodies," and i can't stop repeating it on my ipod. i made an effort to exercise today for the first time in longer than i care to admit. not a great time to start a weight-losing campaign, but i've got to shrink this growing gut. i am watching season two of the show "lost" on dvd. i love that show. if you are a fan, i want to talk to you about it, but i can't yet, because i'm not caught up and i don't want you to spoil anything for me. my friend christina is having twins! jack is watching shrek as i type this. it is his favorite movie. a gator is intimidating. it has a powerful jaw and a pretty good collection of teeth for masticating its prey. that's right: i said masticating. they don't call it poetry for nothing. and in the morning, i'm making waffles!


Mary said...

dear brother greg,

i love your new collages.
yes i said it, it is true.
I'm going to a Steelers game on thursday,
I hope that does not make you too blue.
if so...go ahead and cry, boo hoo.

can you learn to love that bit of poetry?

Rick Durrance said...

You have too much time on your hands... But you are using it well! Of course, all of that is about to change with the advent of another baby! :)
Gators are gonna be the real Nutcrackers! :)

greg. said...

what do you mean i have too much time on my hands? because i made these collages? they are dedicated time, brother. dedicated time.

pete said...

Actually, there are several things called Buckeyes: There is a breed of chicken and also a variety of butterfly that are both called Buckeyes (and that are both probably very tasty to alligators.)

Interestingly, the buckeye nut (also known as the horse chestnut) is a more formidable foe than you might think: The nuts contain high concentrations of a saponin-class toxin called Aesculin, which is toxic to many animals including humans because it causes hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells).

From your friendly Extension Agent,