Friday, December 08, 2006

browns are black and blue!

my dad and sister mary got to go the steelers game in heinz field last night, to see the steelers demolish the browns 27-7. i wish i could have been there, but here are a couple of pictures that my dad took.


Crafty P said...

yeah for them! gosh, they had to be freezing their hienies off though. A Steeler win will warm you right up.

I didn't make it through the game. Feeling a tad bit tired these days.

And round.

mego said...

Such a relief to have the Steelers play a good game. We missed most of it because I didn't think we had the NFL network (little miscommunication between me and Matt). When I found it during the 4th quarter, my dad (who is in town for work) was a bit (understatement) sad he missed the game as well as Willie Parker setting the rushing record - but he was pretty gracious about it - I might have thrown a fit.

Mary said...

Being my first game was so awesome. a true highlight in my life. winning certainly helped! favorite part: being a part of the collective fan base cheering on and making a difference....encouraging the team we love oh so much. i wish i could relive it.