Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today, November 13th, is my Mom's birthday. She turned 39 today! Happy Birthday, o one who birthed me. And by birthed i mean grunted and pushed me out of a tiny orafice after carrying me around in your torso for 9 long months, in a bloody watery mess. saying 'thank you' just doesn't seem to cover it. but thank you anyway. i think it was worth it.

my mom has just recently discovered the blogosphere and, after a little urging, found the courage to comment, although it seemed to cause a great deal of stress. nonetheless, she figured it out and, as you might have seen, has been leaving her 2 cents here on her son's blog (good job, mom). as always, she is up for the challenge. mom is a high school english teacher, a mother of 3 bratty children, a wife to a complete science nerd who is also a pastor, an avid reader, and the proudest grandma i have ever seen. i love the above picture of her because it shows her fun side. it was taken at kennywood last summer, and, yes, she is picking the cowboy's nose.

so, mom, today is your day. happy birthday. i love you. thanks for all you've given to me, and for what you continue to give. your presence in my life is a joy deeper than i can even fully realize, and one that i can't cherish enough.

a (proud, even if sometimes prodigal) son,


Mary said...

To add to mom's coolness (as if her attitude, her style, her joy, her gifts and frienship werent enough), mom has just acquired her very own sleek ipod. she rocks. she is cool. she. is. the. best.

greg. said...

now she just has to learn how to download music.

Crafty P said...

Happy Belated Birthday, to the Divine Mrs. M.!
Hope you were pampered!

Greg- seriously, we could have done without the birthing intro. I've lived through it twice already and I'm prepping for the third go around.