Wednesday, November 22, 2006

happy birthday, grandma vich

yesterday, november 21, would have been my grandma's 87th birthday. she died about a month ago, after a long battle with alzheimers. i have wonderful memories of my grandma, and i carry in my very dna part of who she is. part of who she is is part of who i am. that's part of the mystery of this crazy life, isn't it? i don't get to chose, really. i just get born and so much is already decided for me.

part of what was decided for me was that i would carry with me some of the fiesty-ness, some of the love of searching for what is right, some of the attention to detail (some call it being anal) that was part of who grandma was. and so, i celebrate her birth and even her death, but mostly i celebrate her life. and as i celebrate her life, i can't help but affirm in my own self those things that, whether she meant to or not, she gave to me.

thank you, grandma. peace.

grateful. grandson. greg.

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