Monday, November 27, 2006

a (grateful) acrostic

amazing, all these


carved and cut, this turkey reminds me of the richness of my life.

dazzled, even if only for today, i open my eyes to the

efflorescence of my life:

family and friends, and others, who have

grown to love me, so often in spite of me; who

have forgiven me and moved me and touched me and changed me and

inspired me.

juxtaposed against my complaints and whines, and the grudges i

keep, the

largesse of my blessedness is laughable.

more than laughing, though, i am bent with shame,

nearly nauseous at the

obvious disparity in my blessedness and my

poverty at being a blessing.

quite overcome with the weight of this, i

reel and rock, but barely move. why am i

seemingly so stuck in this stagnant apathy? what does it mean, really, to be

thankful without also being active,

unsatisfied with the fat of accumalated blessedness,

vehemently committed to blessing others,

where and whenever they appear?

eXactly nothing, i expect, and

yet, what will i do, even now? i want to be

zealous in being a blessing, carving out richness for all these around me.

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