Tuesday, November 28, 2006


not only was thanksgiving last thursday, but so was my sister's birthday. since i was in warrior's mark, pa, where they have only recently been introduced to inventions such as the wheel, the cotton gin, and fire, computers are not allowed. if you are caught with a computer you are literally put in the stocks in the town square (the one with the stop sign), so people can laugh at you when they go to the uni-mart to purchase their chewing tobacco. my point here is that i have been "out of pocket" (a phrase meaning, at least in some geographies, that i have been unreachable) for the last several days and haven't had a chance to post about my poor beloved sister's birthday. sorry, julie. but here it is. belated.

so, thursday was julie's 26th birthday. not only is she my younger sister, but she is also a middle child, which means the torment to which she was subjected during the earlier years of her life and that continues to this very day is worse than i care to admit. not that she's an innocent bystander, either, mind you. her gullibility and naivete have made it almost impossible for me not to tease, ridicule and torment her. this of course, was (is) for her own good. but, i digress, since this isn't looking much like a happy birthday post.

julie is an awesome young woman, married, high school math teacher in pittsburgh. she is high maintainance. she is funny. she has a great singing voice. she tells long stories. she is strong willed. she is beautiful. she has been nothing but supportive of her big brother through the years. she is deserving of a happy (belated) birthday.

happy birthday, sis.


julie looking into the sunset in cape may


Mary said...

I love my sister because her birthday was on Thanksgiving which means we had the worlds best birthday cake the same day as the worlds best pumpkin pie. Julie also has the worlds best head of curly hair :) as seen in the Cape May picture.

ps-whats with the word verification thingy now? wierd.

Crafty P said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Julie!!! (a little late)