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its been a while since
many of you have seen
me, so, i thought, i would
put a few pics up so that
you will remember what
i look like. or, if you have
never seen me, you can
now commence with making
snide comments such as,
"wow, that is one ugly dude."

actually, i don't really think i am
ugly at all. i just enjoy self-deprecating
humor. there's nothing like it.

this picture here is from a date i had with j-lo. unfortunately, everything went wrong that night, and it became clear that we just weren't going to work out. she called me once after that, but, thank God for caller i.d. i mean, she is obviously exceptionally hot, but, i just couldn't handle all of the photographers and paparazzi. i like my privacy.

But, in all seriousness, here i am. in sepia. in all kinds of tones and hues. i am shaded and varied and colored.

i was thinking about how there are many people that i haven't really seen or talked much to since high school, and i wonder if i am the same person to them. i mean, if they were to hang out with me now, would i seem to be the same? clearly in some ways i would: i am still intense. still a bit annoying. i still like to argue. i still love music.

but there are other ways in which i have changed so much. i have grown up, really. i am professionally at a different point. i am a husband now. and a father. and a new jerseyan. and i am in my dreaded 30's. and i now occasionally wear a cowboy hat.

so, am i the same or different? both, i guess. changed in so many ways. yet, still me somehow. as i continue to share myself through these pages, i will be as honest as i can about who i am right now. who i am becoming? only time will tell. for those of you i haven't heard from in months, or even years, send me a comment. let's reconnect.

random thoughts of the day:

the steelers WILL win this weekend against the raiders. the season is NOT over.

i watched Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring (extended version) last night as i sat next to a warm fire with my wife. am i a nerd? stay tuned for more lotr discussion...

i am going to watch napolean dynamite for the first time tonight. i don't know how i was an active participant in our culture without having seen it. but here goes...

less than two months until christmas.

i am currently listening to keane and snow patrol.

i am currently reading through painted deserts by don miller.

i am...still me,



Crafty P said…
ahhh, much better. Now I see all your posts!

okay, big lotr fan. unfortunatly, the vin man is not.

And I can't wait for your thoughts on ND- here's one of my favorite places to visit when I need a Napoleon fix

oh it's so cool. I also have magnets, pens, & post-its (see my June 9th post here:
and you'll also note as you check out that page that my blog looks normal then. still can't figure it all out.

go steelers!
mego said…
Matt and I wil occassionally watch a LOTR movie - they really never get old. Oh yeah - I tried to click on one of the many blogs listed on your profile - for a second I thought you were really frustrated with your cingular service...
greg. said…
yeah, megan, that's not me. i don't know why all of those are listed in my profile. i also don't know how to get rid of it. weird...

glad to hear you are a lotr fan also. when baseball season is over and the steelers stink, it is the only thing that gets me through the winter.
Mary Milinovich said…
Is J. Lo blushing? hmm mmm. i knew it.

who is greg? as the sister let me tell ya...a stud.

punk, cowboy, hardcore, dapper...always the stud.

sizzle...pop...sugar pop rock...

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