Wednesday, October 25, 2006

it was a very harsh realization: i am the only person without a blog.

so, i am blogless no more.

welcome to agentorange, which i hope will be a collage of thoughts and struggles and hopes and ideas and fears and dreams and celebrations and sorrows and letters to life from my little journey here. i hope to update it regularly, so check in often. if you are here just once, or a thousand times, welcome. if you are just passing through, or you are walking with me for awhile, welcome. welcome to this little corner of cyberspace that i am using to muse and moan and meander. sit down. grab a mug of coffee. i'll throw on an old johnny cash record. or brubeck. and we will put our feet on the furniture. and we won't use coasters.



DurranceFete' said...

Greg! Welcome to the blogosphere. I've only been in this "sphere" for a week, but as my friend Dave said to me regarding the world of blogs: "come on in. The water is fine."
Glad to see your still drinking coffee and listening to Cash. Attaboy!
Go Cardinals! :)

DurranceFete' said...

I misspelled "you're"... Because you are such a good speller, I know you will catch that. Just wanted you to know that I new... :)


Crafty P said...

hooray for your entry into the blogging world.
looking forward to listening to your words- you know I love the way you write whether it's about the very profound or rather mundane.


Libby Beaty said...

Hey Greg! Wanted to leave you a comment cuz I love getting comments on my blog.
Looking forward to keeping up with you this way!
Libby :)

greg. said...
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greg. said...

sorry i cannot root for the cardinals. they are birds! how are they supposed to compete against tigers? the tigers, by the way, are made up of mostly former pirates or people with a significant relationship to that orginization. i like to call them the "other" pirates. since the real pirates are perpetually awful, i will root for the other pirates this year.
go buccos!

Mary Milinovich said...

the elephant and gorilla are two of the most powerful animals that were created. why don't we have teams named after that? is it because they both just like to sit around and groom each other? somebody important and higher up than me needs to hear about this dilemna and injustice.