Monday, August 12, 2013

mission trip day 1

good morning from the jersey shore.  i am writing from my cot in the social hall of the bethany st. john's umc church in pleasantville, nj, where 8 of us from our church are staying for the next few days as part of our mission project here to help out with some of the hurricane sandy relief. 

we had a wonderful commissioning service yesterday in church, in which the church pledged their support of us, and recognized us as extensions of them, all of us ambassadors for Christ.  we made the 3 hour 15 minute drive without any issues, and arrived here in pleasantville around 5pm.  after meeting some folks from the church, we got settled in, got a tour of the building, ate a homemade dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and played a couple of games before bedtime.  after a very competitive version of apples to apples, we all did some reading and our devotions for the night, and then hit the sack. 

this morning we will be meeting our construction coordinator, who will give us an orientation for our work site, which we understand will be at the home of a man named Anthony.  we are anxious to meet him, and to see what kind of work we can do over the next few days to help him and how we can show Christ's love to him. 

thanks for your prayers for us! 


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