Friday, December 05, 2008

birthday parties and growing up too fast

today i am taking jack to his first non-relative birthday party. in about an hour we will be heading to the nearest chuck e. cheese's for the party of one of his "friends" at preschool. i have mixed emotions about all of this. on the one hand, i am excited about his growth as a social being, his connection to other children, and the fun he will have whacking moles and crying because we are out of tokens, etc. on the other hand, it feels like he is moving way too fast here. i mean, it wasn't long ago that we were potty training him. now he's going to birthday parties. next he'll be attending prom and wanting to "sleep over at a friends house." great. and so it begins.

in better news, our reel life: discussions on film and faith is meeting tonight and watching "its a wonderful life," which i am looking forward to as a way to really get into the holiday spirit. i hope you have a great friday. pray for me. i'll be surrounded by flashing lights, subpar pizza, and my own anxiety of my son's growing up too fast. lord, have mercy...

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Crafty P said...

oh, I pray that you have a headache free evening. Are you staying with him or dropping him off? They have those rides that take pictures of the kids on the ride. I just started my collection of those.

It's a Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite holiday movie. Should be an interesting discussion what with the parallels in the movie to today's economic strife.